Windows Phone or Android Phone Which is better choice?

There are a lot of factors. If you do a bit research you will find that..

1) Windows 7.x phones are cheaper but they cannot be upgraded to 8. Android versions can always be upgraded.

2) Windows is forcing all the Windows 8 phones to come with a higher spec, hence you have to pay more; definitely you will get a better product. But you should be ready to invest more. Android has a tremendous market, from low range to big giants.

3) 90% of the Mobile malwares and attacks are following Android, so more vulnerable. No such pain with Windows as of now.

4) Open World. Definitely you will get unlimited power to change the version customized OS or install any software up to any level in Android, but you will stuck with Windows version/apps.

5) What I have used personally Windows 8 phones perform better.

6) Android is always better and moreover, in the coming future, android has more scope than windows!!

7) The customizability on Android is unbeatable and unachievable on other software. From the change of keyboard, browser, email client, lock screen to installing ROMS you prefer, Android is definitely leading in terms of freedom as a user. You feel more like an administrator over a user when using Android.

8) There are more hardware choices for Android. Although Windows is better than iPhone and Blackberry, Windows phone lack hardware choices. HTC 8X, Nokia Lumia series, Samsung Ativ S and one or two more are the only good Windows phones. There are over 20 Android phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, etc. Again, you get that choice thing: you want a real keyboard? You want a touchscreen one? You want an expensive one? You want a small one?


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Android – Advantage & Disadvantage

Android Apps

Android Apps


  • The Android OS supports the famous Java language
  • Android is an open-source platform which lets creators to custom third-party tools to enhance their apps. Access to the source code also supports developers assimilate their apps simply into the Android ecosystem.
  • The Android OS has the major market share in the world in the mobile business. Over 70% of smartphone operators are using an Android phone.
  • Emerging markets like India, China, Brazil, and Africa are embracing the more accessible Android phones
  • Android’s main app store, the Google Play Store, benefits from Google’s dominance in the search sphere. Google’s search algorithm easily directs users to the best apps depending on their search queries.
  • To publish in the Android ecosystem, developers only have to pay $25 USD.


  • The open source environment of Android similarly allows a lot of malware to mistake into the system. Malware is a big problematic with Android.
  • The open source nature of Android also allows any phone manufacturer to make an Android phone. This gave birth to another big Android problem: hardware and software fragmentation. Not all Android users are using the same phones or the same OS versions.
  • Revenue from Android is significantly lower than on iOS

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The Precise Choice For Your Company: Mobile-App or Mobile-Web?

Mobile web is an ideal beginning for larger promotion benefit.

On the beginning of the development of your mobile presence, the first and most obvious question which comes is where to start, a mobile application or a mobile website? Or should we go for both? Both mobile application and website look very similar in the beginning. But the real choice depends upon various issues like which is our target audience, what is the available budget, what is the purpose and what are the features required.

The real difference between Mobile App and Mobile Web

It is very important to understand the basic difference between mobile app and mobile web before making any selection. Mobile phones and tablets can access both mobile application as well as mobile website.

Like desktop website, a mobile website has HTML pages all linked together which are browser based and can be accessed by internet. The mobile websites are made for small screens and touch-screen display.

Following are the features of a mobile website:

  • To demonstrate text, data, images, content, video
  • Aspects specific to mobile web like call-by-a-click or mapping based on location

In case of mobile application, they are firstly downloaded and then installed in the mobile phone instead of browsing the website.

Following are the market places users visit to download an application based on the mobile operating system they use:

  • App Store from Apple
  • Play Store from Android
  • App World from Blackberry

Like website, an app can get data from internet or it can download the entire data at first so that the app can be used offline.

What is a better choice, a mobile application or else a mobile friendly website?

The real answer can be given based on the end expectations. For games, mobile application is the ideal choice. But to offer the content which is mobile friendly to large group of audience, then perhaps mobile website can be an ideal choice. In general, mobile website is the choice in the beginning and mobile application can be used to fulfill the need of showcasing some specific content which cannot be done with the mobile website.

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Its six years of starlet exports in Ahmedabad. Initiated with a handful of people and limited resources, we are growing leaps and bounds. Thanks to the best brains employed.

We are into the outsourcing arena compressed with technologies and conventions. We aim to win the hearts of our client and so our priority will be to give the qualitative services. Believe in Starlet Exports as your revolution cohort. We will help it in making business work cheaper, different, interesting and value adding tasks. With these services, our clients not only can focus on their core business but also can explore the opportunities proposed by this flattening world.Time and resource benefit can not be avoided.

The contentment of clients is the core of our business as we are very well aware that it is the only way to make roads in as successful  offshore IT outsourcing hub.

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